slaughterhouse woman (sellthemdreams) wrote in gangster_films,
slaughterhouse woman

"as far back as i can remember..."

1. What is your favorite gangster film?

2. Who is your favorite gangster actor?
robert deniro, al pacino, joe pesci, michael imperioli, christopher walken, lorraine bracco, paul sorvino, ray liotta, debi mazar, edie falco, harvey keitel, dennis hopper, jack nicholson, sam jackson

3. Who is your favorite gangster film character, and in what film does he or she appear?
johnny boy in mean streets, tommy in goodfellas, karen in goodfellas, sonny in the godfather, ginger in casino

4. Who is your favorite director in the gangster genre?
martin scorsese

5. What is your favorite quote or piece of dialog?
too many to narrow down...but i do love "as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a gangster."

6. What is your favorite scene?
the steadycam scene thru the kitchen in goodfellas, or the improv'ed scene with deniro and keitel in the back of the bar in mean streets("i paid eeemmmm!")
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