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this is gonna be a tough one

oh decisions, decisions...

1. What is your favorite gangster film? triple tie between Goodfellas, Angels With Dirty Faces, and City of God...but if i really had to choose just one, I'd go ahead, bite the bullet, and say Goodfellas
2. Who is your favorite gangster actor? Cagney
3. Who is your favorite gangster film character, and in what film does he or she appear? Nicky Santoro from Casino, Karen Hill from Goodfellas
4. Who is your favorite director in the gangster genre? Did it even need to be asked? Scorcese!
5. What is your favorite quote or piece of dialog? this is hard.... "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." (Goodfellas) "Dadinho é o caralho, meu nome é zé pequeno porra" (translation: "Lil Dice, my ass. My name's Lil Ze now" from City of God)
6. What is your favorite scene? the "Sunday May 11 1980" sequence from Goodfellas

glad to be a part of this. Incidentally, my film history professor was cool enough to allow me to, at request, write a 40 page conference paper on Gangster films and the affect on American society so, needless to say, this is the most exciting and fun project I've ever had or probably ever will have in school.
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very nice choices, must say. i wrote a 10 page paper on religion in mob movies once, focusing on mean streets. i got a B, how'd you do?
oh that's a cool assignment. I actually haven't finished it yet. It's due in May as my final project but I will tell you how I did when that time rolls around lol
Well im Australian so we dont get to write essays on gangster films although I know I would enjoy it very much.

you have sweet taste mate! I love Cagney, he's just the greatest. If you love him you should watch 'White Heat'...its a brilliant film. And city of god is just the best foreign film ever...the last scene where the runts kill lil z is just mind blowing.
oh most definetly. the Runts' "Soviet Attack" was so ruthless and amazing. I love that movie from beginning to end. And I have seen White Heat and own the dvd it's also a brilliant film. Cagney can do no wrong, he's wonderful in every role, even non-gangster ones though I admittedly haven't seen much non -gangster Cagney but I plan to :)
haha Ive actually seen more films were Cagney isn't gangster lol My favourite ones would have to be 'Love me or leave me' with Doris Day and 'Yankee Doodle Dandee'.